Musical festivals….Are you going?

Spring and Summer are upon us and that means it’s time for music festivals galore! There are so many to choose from. I can’t make them all but I will be attending Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que where the Avett Brothers will be headlining, as well as Old Crow Medicine Show! I’m excited to see them live since I was unable to make the Atlanta show last year. Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que takes place in Evans, GA and is a blue grass festival great for the young and old. I’m excited to actually take my kids to this event and they couldn’t be more exited abut seeing the Avett Brothers Live (we play them at the house all the time)!

Read more about Papa Joe’s Banjo-Que on their event Facebook page here.

I’m also really excited to be seeing a concert with my folks in Atlanta this year! We will be attending the Avett Brothers/Gov’t Mule concert in Atlanta! My parents inspired a love of music very early in life and carted me around to concerts with them all the time. They haven’t been in the concert circuit for a few years and I’m so exited to get to attend an event with them…..Also I must have inspired them to get in the concert spirit since they went and bought tickets to see Joe Bonamassa at freaking RED ROCKS!!!! I’m super jealous and also super proud that my mom and dad are doing something totally out of character and flying across the country to see a concert. I couldn’t be more proud!

What concerts/festivals are on your wishlist this summer?



I suck

So, I haven’t blogged in like a year. But since that time I’ve fallen in love with Spotify. It is my new means of all amazing music.

Here’s who I’m listening to right now:

The Oh Hello’s (The Wishing Well…seriously my top song right now) Check out their album Through the Deep, Dark Valley here

The Milk Carton Kids

The Decemberists


The Wood Brothers

Beta Radio

Sufjan Stevens

Check out a Spotify Playlist of my current favorite songs here.


And let me know….what are you listening to now?


Can you name every band you’ve seen live?

So, I recently asked myself, can you remember every band you’ve ever seen live? And I wasn’t sure if I could remember them all…so why not try to tally them all up on here, because I’m curious to how many it’d be. Feel free to comment with you own list!

Melissa Live List:

The Avett Brothers (twice so far!)
Gregory Alan Isakov
Metallica (Thanks mom & dad)
The Allman Brothers (Where I received my namesake)
Greg Allman
Dave Mathews Band
Glen Hansard
Secondhand Serenade
Boyce Avenue
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Amos Lee
Jimmy Buffett
The Lost Brothers
Fiona Apple
Angel Snow

I guess that’s a fairly comprehensive list, only 18 that I can remember. I hope to grow the list even bigger! On the wish list for this year is…… The Lumineers and Langhorn Slim at Red Rocks! I may actually get to this one and I.Can’t.Wait!!! I’m sure there will be many more shows popping up this Fall. Who are you planning to see live this year?

Nothing says Mother’s Day like an awesome concert!

My husband knows just the thing I like for special occasions! He surprised me with tickets to see Gregory Alan Isakov at Smith’s Olde bar last night. It was a superb performance by Isakov and a very cool venue.

The opening performer was Angel Snow and she has some amazing vocals. She sang several of her original songs including “Easing Away” and “Coals and Water”.

Isakov sang several of my favorites songs, including “Master and a Hound”, “Evelyn”, “That Sea the Gambler” and “Stable Song”. He truly has a beautiful voice and his guitar and the accompanying musicians were Ah-mazing!

(Side note…. When your in the car with your significant other and pick on them a little too much, the ultimate torture is to put some Nickleback songs on. Which is what my husband just did to me. Nickleback sucks!!!!!)

The venue, Smith’s Olde Bar was pretty sweet. It’s located in midtown Atlanta and its where several awesome bands got their start, including Kings of Leon. Check on their upcoming events here.

Anyone else out there catch any good performances/concerts lately?

I’m currently working on planing on maybe-possibly-probably-hoping to see the Lumineers and Langhorn Slim at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO this September. Seeing a concert there is so on my bucket list!!!

Until next time——–M


So, I fell off the face of the earth…but I’m Baaaack.

So, I kind of took a four month hiatus from blogging. Mostly because life has been crazy busy and I, sadly, haven’t had much time to find new music or go to concerts. I miss it desperately.  I am hoping to catch a few shows this year though. I bought tickets in early January to the Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show in Atlanta on May 17th. Even scored Orchestra GA seats. Sadly, I can’t attend the show because my daughter’s spring dance recital is on the same night, and as much as it pains me, I have to be there for my baby girl. And I am excited about seeing her dance. We sold the tickets to some friends of ours, and while handing them over, it did make me want to simultaneously punch them and cry, but alas, music is meant to be shared and I hope they have an amazing time at what I am sure will be an epic concert.

Le sigh…

Anyhow, my husband’s birthday is coming up and what better way to celebrate than see Jimmy Buffet in Atlanta again! My husband is a huge fan and while I didn’t grow up listening to it, I thoroughly enjoy his concerts and they are always a great time. There are a few other shows I would love to check  out but this time of year is pretty crazy for me:

Shaky Knees Festival (The Lumineers, Band of Horses, Lucero and many more)

Gregory Alan Isakov at Olde Smith’s Bar (I really hope I can make it this one!!!)

There are tons of great festivals this summer. I would love to truck it up to Bonaroo to see Glen Hansard, Mumford & Suns, Monsters & Men and so many more, but my job gets pretty crazy during the summer months and it’s hard to get away. I’m hoping to go to several shows in the September/October time frame but not of a lot of artists have released tour dates yet.

So, I should share with you a few key artist that have really been heavy in my playlist lately. My numero uno latest favorite is by far Ben Howard, I freaking love his album, Every Kingdom. The entire album is amazing! The music goes from light and carefree to heavy and haunting and I just freaking love him. My favorite songs….Black Flies, Old Pine, Oats in the Water, Only Love…Pretty much the whole entire album. I could seriously listen to it on repeat. And I do sometimes 🙂 When I”m in the mood for something a bit more mainstream, I’ve been digging the Imagine Dragons “Night Visions” album. I kind of the like some of the effects and the tempo, it reminds me of 80’s arcade games. When I’m in the mood for something slower, I love listening to the The Civil Wars, Barton Hallow. They have a great clean sound and beautiful melody.

So that’s me, What are you listening to lately?




Happy 2013 y’all!

Happy new year to you & yours! I’m ringing in 2013 with my husband, Amos Lee & the Avett Brothers! It’s hosted at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC. The Avett Brothers are from North Carolina so it is a particularly awesome show to attend. I will be counting down to the new year with my favorite band and my wonderful husband! I wish you & yours a fantastic new year filled with love, music & life! Happy new Year!


Recreate your concert experience

After attending the Avett Brothers concert in Tuscaloosa, I tried to write down and remember all of the songs they performed. Try as I might though I couldn’t remember every song because I was totally and completely in the moment during that concert. Luckily for me, I found the website . This website is freaking sweet! It has user submit setlists from thousands of concerts! I easily found the setlist from the Tuscaloosa show and quickly created that playlist on my iPhone! This is an awesome way to bring you back to that amazing concert you attended and experience part of it all over again!

So enjoy!

2012 Concert Review

So, this year I did manage to see several amazing concerts. Here is a review of the bands I got to see live in concert in 2012:

Secondhand Serenade/Boyce Avenue


This was a fantastic show held at Atlanta Center Stage theater. The venue was very cool with awesome acoustics and the bands performed a killer show. I mainly went to see Secondhand Serenade AKA John Vesley because I have been a fan since “fall for you” on his second album, A Twist in my Story. I do have to clarify though that I was NOT a fan of Vesley’s Third album “Hear me Now” Because it was just not good. But he obviously knew that because he has since left his label and is attempting to self produce via by raising the money through pledges. I think that’s pretty awesome. He did a great performance at the show and I even got to meet him (which he was very cool). Boyce Avenue was also fantastic! The do a ton of cover songs, including one very soulful cover of Macy Gray’s Fast Car. Altogether a pretty great show!

Dave Mathews Band


Let me start by saying I was at the concert for work purposes which kind of took some of the fun out of it. Also, I was a much bigger fan of DMB in the 90s when Satellite and Crash came out. He new stuff just isn’t my thing.  So honestly, I could have lived without this concert. It was held at Atlanta HIFI buys Amphitheater (AKA Lakewood)

Jimmy Buffett


So In June I got to head back to Lakewood and attend one of the most iconic concerts in all of history. There really is nothing like experiencing a Jimmy Buffett concert…Fun the crazy costumes fans don to the lyrics everyone knows and loves is just fun. The only way to truly experience a Jimmy Buffett concert is lawn seats. Watch out for the bouncing beach balls though, they might just knock your beer over!

Glen Hansard

Okay…so going in to this concert I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved Hansard in the Indie film “Once” and of course the song “Falling Slowly”, I bought his new solo album “Rhythm and Repose” and it was kind of just okay for me. I had already bought tickets though, so I wasn’t sure what was in store. But that concert, was unfreakingbelievable!!! Irish dudes know how to throw down!!! It ended up being a 3.5 hour concert and the whole thing was completely captivating! The show opened by The Lost Brothers, who had a very old school Rockabilly sound. They sounded fantastic! When Handsard came on…the crowd went nuts! He accompanied by an 11 person band…trumpet, trombone, base (electric & acoustic), 2 violins, flute & more. It was one of the most amazing performances I have seen in my life. It you have chance to see Hansard in concert…GO! You will not be disappointed! They even closed the show with the traditional Irish tune, The Parting Glass. It was pretty AH-mazing!!!

The Avett Brothers


I drove to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see the Avett Bother in concert for the first time. I started listening to them at the beginning of 2012 and I freaking fell in LOVE! I love everything about the band. I love that any song of their you listen to can sound completely different from the next one, I love the amazing wordsmiths that they are. They are seriously freaking Poets! I love that they are brothers and I love they they really don’t fit into any singular music genre. I have nearly every album of theirs and I can listen to them any day of any week! I was so excited to finally see a concert near me in October and the show didn’t disappoint!!! The show opened with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, who were pretty fantastic themselves. The Avett brothers gave a truly amazing performance, opening with “Talk on Indolence” and singing 22 full length songs, with audience interaction and just stellar, passionate vocals. The venue, the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater was also so freaking awesome as it looked over the river and is constructed of wood/stone. This was my #1 show of 2012!!!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am capping off 2012 with a chance to see the Avett Brother ONE MORE TIME!I am seriously freaking excited. I will be driving 7 hours to attend the concert in their home state of North Carolina. But don’t worry, I will be playing my 138 song playlist which should keep us entertained on the drive! I will be sure to post an update on what I am sure will be an Epic show!

Nothing quite like the sound of good music on vinyl

So, one of my amazing gifts this year was a Jenson Record player, which is pretty sweet because I can now finally listen to The Carpenter album I got a few months back. There is truly nothing quite like the sound of music on vinyl. I love the full sound and authenticity of the music. If you can’t hear the Avett brothers live… Vinyl is definitely the next best thing….. And speaking of seeing the Avett Brothers Live—I’m going to the New Years Eve show!!!! My awesome husband surprised me with tickets to the show. Best. Gift. Ever. I can’t wait for the chance to see these guys live again. They are absolutely the most outstanding live performers I have ever seen!!! Can’t wait!


Merry Christmas!